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Jan 11, 2024
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Fairy Tale Traveler M GAME

Falling through the rabbit hole, you're about to embark on a fairytale journey in a fantastical world!
Ride with Mr. Rabbit through dreamy landscapes, explore enchanted forests with Little Red Riding Hood, and join Cinderella in fishing and cooking adventures...
Forget about saving the world for a moment – be a carefree traveler and every magical moment in this whimsical fairytale world!

===Game Features===
[Open World, Soothing Journey]
Get ready to meet mutated rainbow mushrooms, chubby orange cats that defy gravity, and castles made of cake! From the enchanting Fairyland Garden to the playful Rudy Village and the mysterious Freezing Valley – explore various fairytale maps and embark on a soothing adventure!
[Multiple Dungeons, Epic Battles]
No fairytale world is complete without the clash of swords and magic! Face off against the wicked Stepmother, the burly Big Bad Wolf, and the sly Red Queen amidst a myriad of unique magical creatures. Build your ultimate team and unleash seamless combos. Enjoy the splendid battle choreography with a 3D free-roaming high-definition camera!
[Cute Pets, Warm Company]
Prepare to meet all sorts of cute and quirky familiars! They're not just sidekicks for your adventures – these little buddies come with unique skills that level up as you train them. Get set for some serious firepower with these furry pals by your side in battles!
[Meet Friends, Play Along]
No need to go solo on this fairytale journey. Team up with like-minded buddies and double the joy! Take on team quests, tackle big bosses together, mine for resources, or simply enjoy your time together. Whether it's rock climbing or snapping pics, leave your mark in this magical world with echoes of laughter!
[Countless Outfits, Grand Entry]
Cute? Mecha? A little boss lady vibes or some punk rock flair? Here, you've got them all! Pick your look with endless customization options to create a one-of-a-kind style that suits your taste! When the clock hits midnight at the dazzling ball, take center stage and meet the one who makes your heart race!
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