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"Kokoji" is an old Korean word that means 'a very long time ago', and it's a service that lets you enjoy Korean traditional fairy tales as story telling and games.

The fairy tale is viewed in the vivid voice of an expert story teller and the English, Korean, Chinese commentary of a native speaker, and you are able to enjoy both the elements of education and interest by having fun with the game through the characters appearing in the fairy tale.

Supported languages: Korean, English, Chinese

Old Men with Lumps
The goblin who mistakes the lump as the source of old man's singing skills.

Goblins turn up hearing the old man's singing.
"Does your singing come from that lump?
If you get the answer to our question we'll admit to your skills
and remove that lump and give you a big prize."
Can the old man get
the answer to the goblins' question?
Remove that lump and get treasure!! Try out your sense of perfect pitch!

The Rabbit’s Judgment
Heungbu and Nolbu
Old Men with Lumps

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