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Fairytale kitten. Uncover the secrets of the world, together with little friend.

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UpdatedFeb 13, 2017 (3 years ago)
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Cute Kitty: My Little Kitten

"Cute Kitty: My Little Kitten" - in this game you will have to solve puzzles and complete tasks with your little kitten, open more new gaming functionality every new level.
Choose pet from big amount of various cute kitties, take care of your virtual pet. Feed it with kitten food, wash, clean teeth, check it health.
From time to time your virtual pet would ask you to help it complete some tasks. After task complete your kitty will get experience and coins. The more experience your virtual pet receive the bigger level it has. Every new level you will open more games, tasks and more adventures.
Earned coins you can spend to improve kitten's house, you can decorate rooms with your own style, set fence and bench in the yard.
You can earn coins in many various games. The game "Cute Kitty: My Little Kitten", have been integrated with series of games about little monster called Poppet. In various games with Poppet you can earn coins for your little cat.
In addition to the games with Poppet you will find huge amount other mini-games, some of them opened at start some will open with increasing levels.

In this game you will find:
• Beautiful 3D world.
• Many sweet kitties.
• Many various interactions with your lovely kitten.
• A variety of educational mini-games. Mini games aimed at the development of memory, improve arithmetic, improve focus and others.
• Ability to feed, improve and grow a sweet kitty.
• To influence the behavior of the lovely kitty.
• Build housing for your lovely kitten.
• Choose a kitten style for your little cat.
• Visit other player's kitties.
• Wonderful furry friend.
• This kitties love to play with kitten toys.

Email: jsket.org@gmail.com
Site: http://jsket.com/

You can choose any kitten style for your lovely kitten, study with your furry friend together. Select name for your pet from kitty names list.
The game "Cute Kitty: My Little Kitten" designed for children who loves lovely kitties. While playing with lovely kitty, child will learn many important skills in easy way.
How to feed kitty with kitten food, how to dress up pet with kitten style, learn different kitty names, know about many kitten toys. The more you play the more kitten toys and kitten food will open for your cute little cat.

So let's show off how caring you are! Download the virtual pet game and enjoy spending time with the sweet kitty game playing virtual pet games!

Join this wonderful world and discover it's secrets together with your new furry friend.

Email: support@jsket.com

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