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Feb 24, 2022

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Fake Text Message 2023 APP

Have you ever thought of having to run from an uncomfortable situation while you are knowing a girl or a guy that you don't like?
With Fake Text Message 2023 you can simulate an escape message!

Or do you want to create entertainment?
You can create fake messages to simply play pranks.

"Fake Text Message 2023" allows you to fake entire conversations. The application has been designed to be as customizable and real as possible. Then you just have to send the screenshots to your friends!

What will be their reaction after seeing a whole conversation with a number familiar to them?
Find out now!

You can choose from the various types of fake messages you can send:

1) Fake SMS sent.
2) Fake SMS received.
3) MMS sent
4) MMS received

All this simply with:
- Create the message, choose whether to send it or receive it (If you want to insert the MMS just click on the icon
next to write message)
- Click on the top bar, on the name and choose whether to insert a number or name
- Change the timetable if necessary, just click on the timetable
- Click on the top right in the drop-down menu and select screenshot
- Click on the top right of the menu to choose a new color for your theme!

Now you can share it with your friends or girl!

We have created all this for a totally free fun ..

Have fun !
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