Falling Images - Your photo gallery become your wallpaper.


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Oct 19, 2019

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Falling Images Live Wallpaper APP

Falling Images - live wallpaper. Wallpaper perfect for those who do not have time to view the photos on the phone's card, or who can not decide which picture to choose as wallpaper. Wallpaper displays randomly selected images from phone's external memory, animating them in 3D space. Changing the desktop moves observer camera.
You can set:
- The maximum number of simultaneously displayed images
- The speed of fall
- Pause time between images
- Enable/disable frame around the image
- The size and image quality

Note! Quality and quantity of images, should be properly selected, this affects the amount of memory required by wallpaper - if displayed pictures are smaller, then their quality can be reduced, the difference in apperance may be unnoticeable, but the amount of memory used by wallpaper will be significantly reduced.

This app will add a sponsored caller id service to your device. This will add a few permission requests to provide the service. By using it we get a few cents and it will help us a lot to keep developing more apps. If you don’t, you can delete the app or disable the feature in the app settings and no harm is done. Thank you.
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