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Apr 16, 2018

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Fantasy Ice Cream Land GAME

It could be a cooking game, but if you are thinking it through you might put it in the category of the interactive games too, because besides the baking and decorating part you will get to play an interesting game where you are put to seek and find the necessary objects for your future culinary challenge. Concentrate and be aware of each step because once you go through a procedure you'll be familiar with the next one. This game brings, beyond the process itself, the recipe that should you exactly what to do and even better you'll be guided the whole time because that is the best way to learn how things are done. So don't waste any minute and grab a big bowl where you'll be making the dough. There are some important rules to follow and different stages that need a special type of attention and dedication, make sure you get through all successfully and look at the instructions so you won’t destroy anything. Such a sweet dish need your attention when it comes to details and assembling. Make a delicious ice cream and use the proper devices to create it. Rediscover the art of baking and embrace the chance if you have to, maybe you can reinvent the frozen industry of sweets with your new brand ice cream with waffles.

You've got to test this game and try to spot every feature that is presented in here:
- Seek and find challenge before you go to work
- Tasty syrups and sprinkles to add on your ice
- Improving or gaining new cooking skills
- Understand the importance of proper devices
- Introducing yourself to the baking world
- The opportunity to be an ice cream maker and a designer too
- Creating a delicious piece of heaven
- Learn the recipe and do it for yourself
- Free and easy to play
- Cool background sounds and graphics
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