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Fantasy warrior APK + OBB

This is a Western magical ARPG game.

Lose the single game, you can play without internet connection.
Start with white weapons, equipment is all about playing.

[Destiny of fate]
Desff, the goddess of fate, has experienced an unprecedented crisis. She has summoned many adventurers to help the city of destiny. Can you change your destiny? Can you fight against the ultimate evil? Can you save the gods in distress? The answer will be revealed in the city of destiny.

[City of Destiny]
Adventurers in the city of destiny will have many wonderful experiences. The book of Destiny indicates your current destiny. "Tarot Divination" makes you have different luck every day. "Destiny Wheel" gives you the favorite props. "Shen Jian" is an opportunity for adventurers to become a step by step.

The game has more than a dozen heroes waiting for you to summon

The adventurer can get a lot of fragments of God in the trial, step by step to become the peak of God, the game can strengthen the seven main gods, and get more powerful artifacts.

[Random equipment]
The equipment collected by the adventurers in the battle has many magical effects. The random lexicon random attribute makes every piece of equipment you get different. The legendary equipment has the effect of changing the life, and the best fate equipment is Godsend artifact.

[Rune System]
The game has a wide variety of rune gems, and successful activation of the rune combination will bring you unexpected surprises.

[Gem System]
Three gems on the equipment can be used to create specific effects. Six different gems can be installed with up to 16 different combat effects. Try different configurations to make your battle more convenient.

[Exclusive weapons]
The weapon grows with the adventurer's killing, and eventually grows into an artifact of the gods' fear.

[The Battle of the Plane]
Adventurers can go to the 11 major races to conquer them, get all kinds of strange props and powerful equipment.

[Many ways to play]
The game has a wealth of gameplay, "Guardian Goddess", "Tower of Trial", "Eternal War" waiting for the player to conquer, but also has a rich challenge level.


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