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कृषि विशेषज्ञ की सलाह, रोगों का निवारण, चिप्स वाले आलू की बढ़िया क्वालिटी व उपज

Version1.3.23 (60)
UpdatedDec 15, 2020 (3 months ago)
DeveloperYara International ASA
CategoryApps, Education

Yara FarmForward is a FREE potato farming app created by Yara for smallholder farmers like you. It is the go-to app if you want to improve quality, reduce risk, and increase the yield of your processed potatoes.

FarmForward turns your phone into an agronomist. It gives you access to accurate and timely advice, and tools that help you make better decisions this season for processed potato farming.

Whether you hold a contract with a processer now or hope to get one in the future, our potato farming app is by your side every step of the way.

Why you will love it

🌱 Customised advice
Receive weekly activities based on your planting date in Hindi or English.

🌱 Combat pests and diseases
Send photos of your pest, disease, or deficiency and receive detailed solutions from Yara agronomists.

🌱 Potato fertilizer calculator
Optimise the amount of fertilizer you buy and apply.

🌱 Potato Seed planner
Plan how many seeds you need and how far apart to plant them.

🌱 Problems solved
Play quizzes and read articles by Yara agronomists to prevent pests and diseases.

🌱 Accurate forecast
Make better decisions with our reliable weather advisory.

How it works

• Easily add your location, farm and crop details, and planting date to set up your profile.
• Receive a reminder when new farm activities are ready each week. Record whether you did or did not do them and write notes.
• Use powerful tools to determine how much fertilizer to apply, how many seeds to buy and how far apart to plant them.
• Play fun quizzes and read useful articles to improve your processed potato-growing knowledge, learn new practises, and gain points.

FarmForward potato app ki kuch Zaruri Jaankari:

• Apne Potato farm ki location aasani se add kare
• Potato crop se judi sari jaankari daal ke krishi vigyani se important information paye
• Har haftey Potato Crop se judi nayi jaankari paye
• Nayi Nayi activity mei part lekar, Important information paye
• Keval Processed potato farming ke liye
• Fertilizer calculator ki madad se khet mei use hone vali khaad ki sahi matra jane
• FarmForward app ke sath Processed Potato ki kheti mei lagne vale beej ki sahi matra pehchane
• Fun quiz aur game khelkar apni Potato farming ki kheti badhaye
• Har din points jeetne ka mauka paye
• FarmForward ke sath Star kissan kehlaye

We always want to hear from you to help us improve the FarmForward experience. If you have any feedback or questions, please email us at:


Email: farmforward@yara.com

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