Operate massive farm machinery during harvesting season and play as hill farmer


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Dec 18, 2017

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Farming Sim Hill Tractor GAME

Ever thought what it takes to be a real hill farmer? Experience the real-time farming and crop cutting in this farming simulator. The harvesting season is here and you get to play the role of a real hill farmer. Time to enter the market with the farming business itself. Let’s start your own farm cultivation at the village and grow crops for harvesting. As the season is already here, the crops you have grown are ready to harvest. Drive heavy farming machinery and harvest crops. This is your livelihood now so grow crops, harvest your farm. This is how you can earn cash. Farming tractor simulator will let you explore the complete village environment will multiple vehicle driving as you play the role of a hill farmer.

Drive the heavy harvester and take it to your land. The season is here you get ready to cut your crops. Farming tractor simulator will let teach you the skills of how to take care of a farm. Grow wheat, vegetables and plow seeds in your land. Operate heavy vehicles with smooth driving. Take charge of the harvester and farm tractor. Make every task possible by yourself.

Variety of crops are ready to harvest as the season is here. Take the charge and finish the job soon or a non-seasonal rain could hurt your crops very badly. An open market for you to harvest your crops, transport them to the market and they’ll be sold soon. Live as a farmer and get to know how hard is to grow your own big farm.
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