Fast Cleaner And Battery Saver APK

Protect your android phone against poor charging, battery hogging apps.

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Your phone discharges too fast, although you using it not much?

Try Fast Cleaner And Battery Saver and extend operating time from 1 to 4 days for Free with the best app to increase battery life.

Fast Cleaner And Battery Saver - the powerful cleaning application of Android phones with antivirus cleaner, garbage cleaner, application cache cleaner, phone speed booster, CPU cooler, battery saver, Internet amplifier, game booster, antivirus, memory amplifier and notifications cleaner. Protect and clean your Android phone!

✔ How to clean my Android phone?
✔ How to make my phone safer?
✔ How to boost my phone?
✔ How to cool my Android phone?

If you want to protect your phone from viruses and Trojans, clean your phone, cool your phone when it's hot, increase your phone's volume when it's slow or mute out loud notifications, do not hesitate to install this free antivirus phone cleaner, everything is in a toolbox.

The simple formula illustrates how powerful:
Phone Cleaner = Trash Cleaner + Virus Cleaner + Antivirus Cleaner + App Cache Cleaner + Speed Booster + CPU Fan + Booster Battery Saver + Internet Booster + Games + Free Antivirus + Memory Booster + Cleaner Notification + Security + One Touch Boost

✔ Junk Cleaner - Free storage space
Powerful garbage cleaner helps clean cache files, residual garbage files, historical junk and obsolete APK files to free up more storage space for your phone. The performance of your phone will be improved. Completely clean my Android!

✔ Virus Cleaner - Free Antivirus
With the best free antivirus, anti-malware virus protection engine inside, you can detect the virus and trojans by scanning and file scanning app, and then act as virus remover to remove virus and trojan from your Android phone; and also blocks the virus and the Trojan when they enter your phone. A security tester will be performed for each installation of the application.

✔ App Cache Cleaner
Phone Cleaner helps analyze applications on Android phones and clean up useless application cache files safely. This fast and powerful cache cleaner helps free up more space.

✔ Speed Booster - Speed up the Phone
Phone Speed Booster increases your games and applications, free memory (RAM). Make games and applications work smoothly and without interruption. Better Speed Booster and Game Booster!

✔ CPU Cooler
CPU Cooler shows the temperature of your phone and can cool the temperature of your Android phone's CPU effectively with a touch.

✔ Battery saving - Energy saving
Use Battery Saver to discover and eliminate battery drain applications to save energy in 1 touch; and when the power of my Android phone is low or runs out quickly, Battery Saver will remind you to save battery by cleaning battery drain applications.

✔ Internet Booster
Use Internet Booster to discover and eliminate applications using the Internet. More data traffic will be saved!

✔ Memory Booster - RAM Cleaner
Memory Booster helps close the background by running applications to clean RAM and save battery. Accelerate my Android phone by 60%!

✔ 1-touch increase
For added convenience, a direct access booster is placed on the desk to boost the phone with a touch.

What are you waiting for? Download Fast Battery Charger & Saver for Free and increase battery life easily!

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