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Fast CPU Cooler-Clean Booster


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NameFast CPU Cooler APK
Version1.3.7 (37)
UpdatedJan 05, 2022
CategoryApps, Tools

Fast CPU Cooler-Clean Booster App

Phone Cool, better CPU performance, reduce CPU usage. Cooling master clean ram

Cool my phone temp with auto cpu cooler by restarting the background running apps process. Easy phone cool with auto cooler master.
How fast cooler works
Reduce CPU usage close heavy resources consuming apps to reduce cpu use and restart process to lower cpu resources make performance of phone fast and phone cool. It's function is close apps and process to clean RAM memory. Max Clean to cache clear
phone performance boost and better CPU performance, clean RAM

Phone cool by this smart device cooler by phone optimized settings and close phone heavy draining appsand resources consuming apps to restart those apps. Phone cool and fast.
Free phone cooler master 2020 app that drop down phone temp by killing and pause background running apps and close heavy resources consuming apps. Smart Cooler clean RAM and extend battery use time. Its device cooler master functionality is very effective for the phone.

Fast CPU Cooler Master is a professional temperature monitoring, controlling and cooling app to cool down phone and to reduce cpu usage. Temperature monitoring and controlling is now with ease and comfort. Detect the heavy resourcing consuming and battery draining apps that make your phone slow. Close those heavy resources consuming apps with just one tab to cool down phone and make phone cool. Fast and optimize phone settings. Temp monitoring and controlling with this best cooler app to cool down phone. Fast cooler enhance overall phone performance. Basically its main function is to close heavy resources and background running apps that makes your phone slow and overheat. Now multitasking and game playing is now with ease and comfort. Key feature of battery cooler is close battery draining apps and reduce battery use. Solve battery problems with battery saver mode and increase battey usage time. Max Battery Optimize performance with saving modes.
Phone overheating make phone slow and leggy. Fast CPU Cooler make phone cool. Get optimize phone performance and fast boost with cooling master - phone cooler. Solve phone hang and slow problem. Booster Cleaner to increase phone performance feature in app settings to boost up and super clean

Fast CPU cooler - MAx booster cleaner is best for device to analyze the apps causing the phone slow.
Device cooler works in a perfect manner. Smart Device Cooler Clean cache memory free up RAM and Boost memory speed.
Device cooler for android provide real time temperature monitoring and protection overheat prevention to cooling android phone. Key feature of smart android cooler is lower down temperature. Fast cooler - cooling master is a free cooling android phone.
Smart cooler master algorithm is highly effective to reduce CPU usage with user permission.

Phone cooler Free close battery draing apps to solving battery use problems with battery saver mode. Extend your battery use time with Phone cooler and give you Better battery performance .

- Real-Time Device Temperature Monitoring
Monitors and logs phone temperature in real time and displays temperature change curves.

- Dynamic Overheating App Detection
Analyzes CPU usage dynamically and detects applications that are over using CPU to determine the cause for phone overheating.

- Overheating prevention
Closes apps that are likely to cause temperature rise
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