Fast electrical calculations electrical app free APK

multi functions electrical calculator, kw to hp, KVA converter, KW to AMP, free

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Fast electrical calculations electrical app free
This electricity quick calculator is one of our electrical engineering app & an Electrical Load calculator (and electrician helper)

This electrical engineering app is designed by an electrical engineer. and supports 20 languages.
It is being used in more than 60 world wide countries.

Added in the new version:

>> All electrical equations and formulas are added to all sections... all you need is to click on the help button to show formulas and equation of the selected electrical calculations.
>> Auto electrical cable selector and cable sizer (cable amp rating) for 3 phase motors and loads
>> Electrical Notes section, in this Notes section you can record your electrical inspection notes, remarks and electrical calculations at work.

This free electric calculator contains many electrical calculations like :

>> awg converter which has :
>>AWG to mm2 converter (awg to mm2 wire gauge size)
>> voltage drop calculator to help in cable sizer calculations
>> electrical library which has information about:
> circuit breaker ,transformer ,electrical wiring (cables) ,fusion elements types (types of fuses DC and AC).
>> amp calculator 1 phase and amp calculator 3 phase.
>> electric motors amp calculator (horsepower & amps to kw )
>> watt calculator 1 phase ... 3 phase
>> transformer calculations (electrical transformer amp calculator )
>> power converter from kw to hp calculations (kilowatt converter to horsepower)
>> horsepower to kilowatt power converter
>> power converter from kva to kw & kilowatts to kva calc.
>> kva to amps converter (kva calculations)
>> amps to watts & kilowatt converter to amps
>> amp to hp converter calculations
>> Calculation Amps motor (watts to amps)
>> Calculation power motor (amps to watts)
>> Calculation of apparent power
>> Aluminum cables and wires Current carrying capacity (ampacity table) (for efferent Wire size)
>> Copper cables and wires ampacity table (xlpe cable, & pvc cable)
>> XLPE insulated cables
>>kva calculations
>> copper cable and aluminum PVC insulated cables (most Wire size ampacity ).

this power converter app is useful for those who are working in electrical energy around the world, electrician or electrical engineers.

using the voltage drop calculator in this application could help electricians in voltage drop of wire, cables , and OHTL wires which is important in cable sizer calculations.

If you are an electrician ,engineer or need app for electricians this one can be the right electrical calculations app.

also this app has volt ampere to watt calculations ,volt ampere to HP calculations and volt ampere calculations for transformers.

This new app can help in electrical installation for motors , lighting ,electrical panel & electrical breakers.

Because this is apps for electricians all electrical engineering formulas and equations used in this application are reviewed by an electrical formula expert engineer.

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