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NameFast Scanner APK
Version1.3.5 (24)
UpdatedAug 31, 2021
DeveloperFazcon Apps
CategoryApps, Tools

Fast PDF Scanner: PDF Converter & Document Scanner app

Convert text & image to PDF – Scan & Translate | PDF & Document scanner with OCR

Fast PDF scanner with OCR is an app with multiple functions, that can be used as a PDF converter, editor, viewer, and reader - All in one! You can use our document scanner to convert text and image to PDF, as well as for ID scan, to create multi page PDF doc, or to scan and translate the desired files. Scan it with just one click - Simple and fast!

Now with the Premium feature, you can use a camera to scan and translate. Just take the picture and automatically extract text, handwriting, and other similar data from scanned documents that are more than simple (OCR scanner) to identify, understand and extract data from forms and tables, Receipts, etc.

There are also more options if you want to store the document - Save it as PDF or JPEG. Convert text or image to PDF with OCR scan. Scan it simple and fast with our PDF converter app.

Now you don't need to manually extract text and data from scanned documents. Our Fast PDF converter uses machine learning algorithms to read and process any type of document, accurately extract text, handwriting, tables and other data without any extra manual effort.

Features of our free PDF converter, editor and viewer
🔥 Fast scanner with OCR - Our app is optimized to work fast and produce clear scan results.
🔥 Simple PDF scanner - Easy to share, delete, rename scan.
🔥 Sort by name and date - You can easily organize scans by different parameters.
🔥 Document scanner - Convert text to PDF easily. Save it as PDF or JPEG.
🔥 No watermark - Just scan it and use it!
🔥 Auto-detects borders - Our smart auto-cropping feature is detecting the borders very accurately, enabling you to convert the image to PDF easily.
🔥 Clear scan results - Get a clear scan with sharp and bright colors, and enhance its quality.
🔥 Scan and translate - Unlike most similar apps, we are offering you a unique premium feature. Scan and translate any language and listen to the translated text in audio!
🔥 Filters - Different filters are available, such as color, gray mode, black, and white.
🔥 Print scans - You can easily print scanned docs.

You can quickly automate document processing and take action on the information extracted whether it be automating loans processing or tax docs. Fast PDF Scanner can extract text and other data in minutes vs. hours or days.

This document scanner app lets you quickly scan any kind of doc. Fast PDF scanner app scans anything - image to PDF in high quaility, books, extract text to PDF ID scan and many other. You can save it as PDF or JPEG.

Use the camera to fast scan docs, such as papers, receipts, notes, invoices, contracts, reports, photos, and more.

If you are at school, or at a college (university), you can easily fast scan the book to PDF. Our smart PDF editor and simple scanner app is totally FREE.

With our app, you can take multiple actions: ID scan, passports, driving licenses, visas, and other IDs in just a few seconds and saves them into own the device by using our PDF editor app.

Smart auto-cropping and enhancing ensure the texts and graphics in scanned documents are sharp with clear colors and great resolutions, and you can use different filters. Our PDF editor is the best camera scanner app that will turn your phone into a powerful PDF converter. Convert text or images to PDF with a single tap.

Automatically recognize and scan docs that are unclear. Get more bright and clear scan results, and make the content more readable.

There are some additional features as well in the app that makes your document look more professional and enhance its quality.

➡️➡️➡️ Download our Fast PDF scanner with OCR and open up countless possibilities! Convert text and image to PDF - Scan it simple and fast! Create multi page PDF file with this powerful PDF editor - Get high quality!
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