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Fast Urdu English Keyboard APK

Urdu Keyboard with English typing and Voice typing, Easy Paste Options

Version7. (15)
UpdatedJan 29, 2021 (3 months ago)
Developerabstract algo logics
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Fast Urdu English keyboard is an android keyboard application which helps the users to use multiple languages in one keyboard. Fast Urdu English keyboard is a dual language keyboard with various beautiful backgrounds changing feature. You can change by choosing custom color for the background of Fast Urdu English Keyboard. Urdu English keyboard is a basic application which is user friendly. You can switch to any language while typing some Urdu or English text; it depends on your choice. We would like you to install this application and tell us about it, what type of improvements we should include in this application. It contains emojis for Urdu language too, you can say as Urdu emoji keyboard.

Fast Urdu English Keyboard is a new Urdu keyboard application which would enable users to type phrases on one button tape. We included 3 keypads which would include those phrases. We have more than 15 phrases keys for Urdu phrases for android keyboard. Urdu typing would be very easy and fast if we use this Fast Urdu English Keyboard application.

Urdu typing would be very easy with Urdu keyboard application. You can enjoy custom background of the keyboard while typing in Urdu or English. Urdu and English alphabets are put in proper order. Fast Urdu English Keyboard has various background themes to enjoy.

Write Urdu messages, Urdu poetry in Urdu language. Urdu typing helps to write best lines for Urdu text. Urdu is used as Urdu language of Urdu speaking.

Urdu app has various themes for the Urdu typing background keyboard. Urdu language is being spoken in different countries where ever Urdu speaking lives.

Urdu language keyboard has various kinds of Urdu input text sentences of Urdu language. Urdu typing keyboard has vast number of Urdu language sentences. Urdu has many different emoji keyboard features to support emojies. Urdu English Keyboard supports Urdu and English typing in same Keyboard. Urdu typing is considered as best Urdu keyboard with custom color background feature. Urdu words are being put in the keyboard and implemented with proper Urdu daily used Urdu grammar.

You have to do few steps to enable this keyboard by following first step by enabling the keyboard, and then follow the second step to select this Fast Urdu English Keyboard.

Urdu English Keyboard: اردو کیبورڈ

Available Keyboards:
1. Urdu Keyboard
2. Ascending Keyboard
3. English Keyboard
4. Urdu Phrases Keyboard
5. Numeric Keyboard
6. Emoji Keyboard

How to use:
• Install the Fast Urdu English Keyboard
• Open the Urdu keyboard application
• Step 1: Enable Multi Lang Keyboard
• Step 2: Select Multi Lang Keyboard 🙂
• Exit Application

• Theme Changing of keyboard
• Custom color choice
• Transparent background of keyboard
• Multi Language Keyboard
• Emoji keys for both language

What's New

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اردو اور انگریزی * کے لئے ترجمہ*
Translation for *Urdu and English*
کاپی کی جانے والی کسی بھی زبان کا اردو اور انگریزی میں ترجمہ کیا جاسکتا ہے
Any language copied can be translated to Urdu and English
آپ اردو میں بات کرسکتے ہیں اور انگریزی میں اسے تبدیل کردیا جاتا ہے
You can speak in Urdu and it is changed in English


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