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Designed from the ground-up to be a comprehensive companion tool for Nintendo's Fire Emblem Heroes, Feh Toolkit provides you with everything you need to supplement your FEH experience on the go. With a fluid and pleasing Material-inspired design, Feh Toolkit aims to offer an unrivaled user experience for mobile devices. Forget having to scroll, zoom, and repeatedly load pages from web tools. Virtually everything you need is available offline, provided via an easy-to-read and easy-to-navigate interface.

◆ Browse a comprehensive and regularly-updated database of information regarding Fire Emblem Heroes, including every Hero, Weapon, and various types of Skill in the game. Access information within hours (or less) of FEH itself being updated.

◆ See detailed information on any given Hero or Skill. Or check what Weapons, Assists, Specials, and Passives each Hero has, as well as which Heroes have each Weapon or Skill.

◆ View refinement and evolution info for all Weapons in the game, as well as Sacred Seal Forge information for any Passives available as Sacred Seals.

◆ Test your builds or check specific matchups in the Combat Simulators. Edit your hero down to the finest detail, including all equipped Skills, modifiers, rarity, merges, support levels, bonuses and blessings, even terrain modifiers and nearby units. Then, pit them against a single foe or an entire list of enemies.

◆ Customize your own lists of Heroes to test your mettle against, or use one of the packaged list options - including all Heroes in their natural state, as well as curated and regularly-updated lists of common powerful builds for every Hero in the game.

◆ Filter any list to include or remove any type of Hero - different colors, weapon types, ranges, or movement types.

◆ Share your lists! Export a list by copying the data in a readable text format to your clipboard, then share it with others or copy to another of your own lists. Import by pasting the copied text in the editor's import window. Import and Export functionality can be found in the overflow menu.

◆ Record your own personal Heroes (or theory-craft any Hero you want) and their builds, IVs, level, blessings, and etc. in the Collection. Also manage teams, check Arena scoring, calculate inheritance costs and planning, and more! (Some features coming soon.)

◆ Browse the app in Dark and Black modes, for those who tend to prefer "night modes" for their app-browsing experience.


(Disclaimer: Fire Emblem Heroes and all related trademarks are the property of Nintendo Co., Ltd.

Feh Toolkit is not endorsed by or otherwise affiliated with Fire Emblem Heroes, Nintendo, or Intelligent Systems.)

What's New

◆ Added new "Desert Mercenaries" characters plus GHB Cormag.
◆ Added new personal weapons for Kana (F), Subaki, Athena, and Gordin.

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Feh Toolkit 1.11.0

Updated: 2019-11-06 (2 weeks ago)

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