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Oct 2, 2022
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Feign GAME

Feign is a role-playing game with maximum 12 players that takes place in a small town where innocents, imposters and neutrals together. You use your role at night to win and send a person from the village in the morning.


Insane is a unique role of Feign
Insane is an innocent role however it is dangerous for the innocents.
If you have the Insane(innocent) role you don't see that. You think and see that you are some other innocent role.
If you are Insane (innocent), you can think you are an investigator and give wrong information during the whole game.
Maybe all the innocents are killed because of you. Can you be... insane?


Collect information at night using your role and try not to die.
Find out who is the imposter in the morning.
Send people you think are imposter from the village by voting


Kill innocents using your role at night or gather information to avoid attracting attention.
Try not to be caught by innocents in the morning.


Fulfill your own role without getting involved with Innocents or Imposters.
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