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Gives men a daily forecast of a woman's moods, libido & more--based on her cycle

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• The official Hormonology® app that gives boyfriends and husbands a daily forecast of their female partner's moods, libido, energy and more based on where she is in her monthly cycle

• Download the FREE intro guide "Quickstart Guide to Forecasting a Woman's Moods, Libido & Energy" at FemaleForecaster.com

• Created by Gabrielle Lichterman, founder of Hormonology, author of 28 Days: What Your Cycle Reveals about Your Love Life, Moods and Potential and longtime women's health journalist

• Inspired by girlfriends and wives who use Gabrielle's popular Hormone Horoscope App--and asked her to create a simpler, more condensed version for their male partners


Get confused by the changing moods of your girlfriend or wife? Wonder why her desire for physical intimacy is high one day, then bottomed-out the next?

There will be no more guessing when you use the Female Forecaster App.

This new app for boyfriends and husbands lets you know what her moods, libido, energy level and more will be every day.

And, it all comes down to where she is in her monthly cycle.


As three key hormones (estrogen, testosterone and progesterone) rise and fall throughout a woman's monthly cycle, research shows they impact her brain and body in a wide variety of ways.

Because her hormones repeat the same up and down pattern every cycle, the effects her hormones have on her also repeat the same way cycle after cycle--making her moods, libido, energy and more easy to predict.

For example...

• On Day 7 of a woman's hormone cycle, she's happier, energetic and experiencing a spike in her sex drive thanks to rising estrogen--making this a day when boyfriends and husbands can do no wrong.

• On Day 19, she's quieter, sluggish and her desire for physical intimacy is low due to sedating progesterone, which is a hormone that reins in sexual desire--so men shouldn't take her "Not tonight, dear" personally.

• On Day 27, a drop in estrogen can make her irritable and blue, but she also experiences a rise in libido--which explains why she can be cross with you one minute, but want to cuddle with you the next.

Read full sample forecasts from this app here.


Setting it up takes seconds: Simply input two pieces of information about your girlfriend or wife to launch the app's cycle calendar:

• The typical length of her menstrual cycle (input 28 days if you don't know)
• The day she's on in her cycle right now (just ask her--her Day 1 is the first day of her most recent period and she just counts from there)

You can then read your Female Forecast for today or look at any point in the future--tomorrow, next week, next month, even next year--to find out what she'll be like then.


This app also allows you to...

• Get alerts about key days in her cycle (for instance, when her premenstrual week is arriving)
• Create custom alerts
• Keep notes
• Get date ideas and tips for getting on her good side


Male partners of women who have
• Healthy menstrual cycles
• Menstrual cycles lasting anywhere from 22 to 49 days (it's okay if her cycle length varies from month to month)
• Natural hormones (no hormone birth control)

This app is not intended for partners of women who are pregnant, breastfeeding, menopausal, taking hormone medications or hormone birth control or have a health disorder that impacts hormones, such as PCOS.

This app is not intended to help users and their partners avoid pregnancy or become pregnant.


If you're experiencing any problem with this app, I want to know. My team and I work quickly to fix issues and provide updates to ensure you get the most out of your experience. Send your feedback to Gabrielle@MyHormonology.com.

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Fixed issue when upgrading from older version that caused data loss.

Email: gabrielle@myhormonology.com

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