FFH4X - Free Fire MOD Menu is a minor aid for the battle royale shooter, Garena Free Fire, which can help you improve attributes such as your speed and aim


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Oct 5, 2021

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FFH4X - Free Fire MOD Menu GAME

Garena Free Fire has definitely become one of the best battle royale games for Android, being one of the favorites for many players ahead of other popular titles such as PUBG or Fortnite. Its pace and gameplay, its graphics, and its playability have made it worthy of this honor.

The best Garena Free Fire MOD

But, of course, many players want to be able to play with some extra help so that they can complete the challenges posed without too many complications. In such case, they could do with FFH4X - Free Fire MOD Menu, an application that lets us improve certain attributes of our character during the game. These are some of them:

  • Double jump height.
  • Aim locked on our target to improve our shooting.
  • Increase our bullet impact damage.
  • All female or male characters available.
  • Nighttime mode.
  • Climb walls.
  • Remove fog, trees, and grass.
How to install FFH4X?

Apart from its APK, we'll also need to install VirtualXposed, which creates a virtual space to clone Android applications. Once we've opened this tool, we have to add Garena Free Fire and FFH4X and run both apps.

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