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Fierce Fighting Ball: Dragon Arcade APK

Fierce Fighting Ball: Dragon Arcade

Version1.1.0 (110)
UpdatedJun 06, 2020 (11 months ago)
DeveloperFiering Game
CategoryGames, Arcade

The first arcade game with style saiyan, you can show your power by 1 vs 1, 1 vs 3 and 1 vs best legendary ultra saiyan team.

The game begins with story of the poor Saiyan child - who was abandoned by the first prince of Saiyan - returns to take revenge on all the Saiyan worlds. But,
There are two saiyan Vegeta and the last goku - they can now have the divine blue saiyan status on ssg3 ssj5 but cannot defeat saiyan broly.
The last 2 saiyan have the last chance with fusion as gogeta with x100 power boosting their skills: spirit bombs, kamehameha, ki explosions ....

And they have trained to upgrade and many powerful dragon warriors are willing to help them. They are their old friends, their teams, even their enemies, but now they all have a hope of protecting the safety of the 6th universe as
trunkz, freezacool, beerusz, jirenz, gohanz, krilin ...

Can you beat 1 vs 3 or all team after a long training

Fierce Fighting: Arcade features:

- Round vs match KO verus
- More than 60 characters to practice and practice
- The best AI ever
- Easy to control, earn hidden combos and skills: kamekame, earn ...
- Best AI
- Can use watch to learn combo and ultimate skill


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