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Most of us have got no choice for this ridiculous CE election. What can we do?

Version2.10.7 (7)
UpdatedSep 19, 2018 (3 years ago)
DeveloperDeCo Solutions
CategoryGames, Arcade

First of all, I am dedicating this app to my father-in-law who just passed away. He taught me how big the world is and "let it be".

Ridiculous CE election is going on now. Most of us have got no choice, so what can we do?

We made this game for fun, for exposing how ridiculous the election is and for the origin we will never forget.

Fighting CE is inspired by classic boxing game calculator and our previous game Boxing Calculator.

The objective of the game Fighting CE is very simple - To punch your CE contenders and avoid being punched until you win the CE post.

In Game Mode:
First, choose your character or let LOCPG pick for you. Three buttons at the bottom for you to punch, to move up/down before punching and to sway in order to avoid being punched.

There are 4 games with CE contenders. You are the boxer on the right. Your strength/stamina is shown on the top corner of the screen in each game. If you were punched, your strength/stamina will be reduced and vice verse.

Five successful punches difference will knock down the other boxer and the strength/stamina will be reduced significantly.

The round and then the game end at once if any boxers' stamina down to zero.

Each game consists of three 40-second rounds.

If you knocked down the opponent CE contender once in the round, then the round your will gain 10 points and 8 points to the other opponent. Knocking down twice will be 10 to 7. Knocking down thrice or more will be 10 to 6. The knockdowns of both boxers cancel each other out.

If no knockdown or knockdown offset in the round, more dominant boxer would receive 10 points, the other receive 9. If AI judge deems the round completely even, both boxers receive 10 points.

The boxer with higher total points in all three rounds will win the game.
If you won the game, you would proceed to next game level.
If you lost the game or tie game, GAME OVER.

In order to increase the difficulty of the game, no PAUSE function is provided.

Different scoring scheme for recording:
For recording your personal score. a different scoring scheme is used. If you won in the round, your score will be the multiple of the difference of points in that round and your remaining stamina. e.g.(10-8)X40. If you KO your opponent(his stamina reduced to zero any time in the game), your score will be 4 X your remaining stamina X (that round + remaining no's of rounds in that game).

If round tie, you gain no marks.

If you lost the round, your score will be deducted with the multiple of the difference of points in that round and -10. If you were KO -stamina reduced to zero, your score will be the multiple of the difference of points in that round and -50.

Your total score will be recorded locally when Game Over . Please enter your name for record as Game Over first time.

You can also save your best score to Cloud and check the latest world ranking. Let's complete with players.

Good luck and enjoy this modified boxing game.

In Calculator Mode:
You can do simple calculation as all other calculator does.

Other features include:
- no full page and no disturbing advertisements
- nice graphic, simple and user-friendly interface
- save your best score in the cloud and complete with other players
- compatible with your mobile to tablets.

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Your feedback and comments are welcome so we can continue to revise this game and make future apps better.

As indie developers, your support is greatly appreciated.

You can find us on the Facebook page at

Enjoy Fighting CE!

What's New

Major Updates:

*Privacy policy added
*Performance Enhancement

We will keep making periodic updates to improve performance and fix any issue aroused by your comment and feedback.


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