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Aug 7, 2018

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Finally Clean: Booster, CPU Cooler APP

Finally Clean is focus on providing the best user experience. Based on deep learning of Android system and other millions of apps, Finally Clean is capable of keeping mobile run fast and optimized.
Finally clean contains multiple features to improve mobile performance, such as clean up junk files, remove cache files, provide more storage, RAM boost by release occupied RAM, boost games at high speed, maintain the device cooler (especially CPU), save battery life and manage all the apps in the mobile.
Finally Clean is aiming to keep the mobile at a high working efficiency stuas, while avoiding mobile to get freezing, laggy, or lack of space.

Finally Clean (Boost, CPU cooler), Highlights:
★Remove junk files
Finally Clean can remove junk files that left on the device, by deleting unwanted APP system cache, gallery thumbnails, residual & unused files, and useless APK package in storage. Those files normally won’t appear to users, Finally Clean identify and distinguish them by deep learning the Android System, and master how to remove them safely.
Finally Clean also provide customized cleaning options. Certain cleaning categories are offered when propose a specific phone boost request from user.

★Clean cache files
Cache files may lead to quick re-direct path for user to review what has been recorded. However, more and more cache causes slow response of the system. Finally Clean speed up the device to optimizing the performance by detecting the cache files and then clean it up.

★Provide more storage
By removing junk files and cleaning cache files, Finally Clean is able ensure the device storage is at the best configured. The big storage just need to be well managed on some certain high-level mobile device (such as Samsung S7).In the other hand, the standard storage (i.e., 8GB,16 GB) need to be carefully managed.
★RAM boost
The device speed is determined by its RAM. In general, the RAM is occupied by the apps that run in the system, either in front or in backstage. The device might get laggy or even freezing when RAM is fully occupied. To speed up the device, some apps need to be terminated as required. Finally Clean provide one tap Boost to speed up the device based on the above theory.
★Game Boost at high speed
Similar theory applied on the users who play games. Once a game is active, the other apps that might pull the device speed down will be terminated automatically. Certainly, the apps that user would love to maintain will be kept.

★Device cooler
Finally provides important function that can cool down the device. Either by wrong habit of user, or the app’s processing way, or even the system processing, CPU might stands at a high efficiency status. This status could cause high temperature that harms device or results danger to user. Finally Clean can push a notification or disable CPU-intensive apps to cool down the phone in case.

★Save battery life
Finally Clean monitors battery charging process to protect battery usage and life-time. In some devices, overcharging is one of the reasons that makes battery suffers draining.

★APP manager
Finally Clean provides a tools box to manage the apps that installed on the device. To check the apps details (for example when the app was installed, the size of each individual app, etc.,) in APP manager is the fastest way. APP manager also able to uninstall (delete) unwanted apps. To take the full control of the mobile device by APP manager is the best and simplest way.

Finally Clean is 100% Free. It continuously provide the service, simply because its goal is sharing the clean techniques to all users and let users enjoy the mobile experience.
Finally Clean is good at optimizing the device performance by cleaning function. The optimized condition is based on Android learning and millions of test. The optimization algorithm which contains boost, clean, is unique and best in the world.

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