Description: Find and Guess horror secrets APK

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UpdatedApr 27, 2019 (11 months ago)
Release dateApr 27, 2019 (11 months ago)
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Build your interactive house of neighbour!

- Added new customization options for characters
- added new game locations
- increased the number of players in several mini-games
- fixed bugs

In this multi-user, you can literally do anything! Build houses, institutions and objects of absolutely any type, populating them with unique characters! All the neighbour worlds of this game are created by its players, and you have a chance to become one of them!

The main characters of this game are house of neighbour. This seemingly uncomplicated neighbor games graphics creates a unique comical atmosphere that makes the gameplay diverse and enjoyable. Your characters can participate in absolutely all life spheres, becoming masters in different professions. You can help your house of neighbour to become an artist, a sculptor, a fireman, a rescuer, a salesman, an athlete, a rock star, a scientist - in short, anyone! If you can not find a suitable institution where your hello horror neighbour cubic character could live and develop - it does not matter, because you can easily build it yourself!

A huge variety of mini-games!
Unlimited number of online players!
Create unique characters!
Realistic crafting!

Build, Find and Guess horror secrets of neighbor house