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1.0.2 · Mar 27, 2021

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Version1.0.2 (102)
UpdatedMar 27, 2021
CategoryGames, Casual

Find the Combo game

Pet your Photographic memory. Study and recall the color combinations.

Get a glimpse of the color combination before the time runs out and then recall the color order correctly. Train your eidetic memory. See how elusive your memory is as you play this delightful game. Get all the help you can from your friends and family.

Can you remember the orders of color? 🤯

Remember↦ Drag & Drop↦ Level Up

Fickle short term memory
- M mode: Fast memory
- G mode: Few peeks available

How to play?
🟢 The top row of colors show the order to remember
🟢 Drag the colors from the bottom row
🟢 & Drop the colors on the middle row in the correct order as shown on the top row
🟢 Press the check button when all the colors are placed in the right order on the middle row
🟢 In G mode only, tap the top row to reveal the color

🧠 Train that fickle short term memory


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