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May 15, 2020
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Find the Differences 200 levels free GAME

Are you ready for an awesome “find the differences” adventure? If your answer is yes, then "Spot the Differences" is just the perfect game for you right now!

This "find the differences" free game is among the best fun games for kids and for adults! Spot the Differences will help you solve the mystery in photo puzzles with beautiful picture. Our addictive puzzle game is waiting for a puzzle solving enthusiast ready for the photo hunt of his life! Download "Spot the Differences 200 levels" now and enjoy playing this concentration game every day!

These are some features of our game:

✓ FREE TO PLAY! Play our "find the differences" app anytime and anywhere on your device for FREE.

✓ MORE THAN 200 LEVELS. Hours of fun!

✓ FREE UNLIMTED HINTS. If you don’t find a difference, use a hint to discover the area near the difference.

✓ BEAUTIFUL IMAGES. You will find plenty of different high quality images in this game.

✓ SIMPLE RULE AND GAMEPLAY. Find 5 differences between two similar pictures and tap on the spots to mark them. You can use a hint to see where there is a difference in the pictures.

✓ NO TIME LIMIT. There is no time limit! You can take your time to find each difference.

The number of differences in each level is 5 and you will have to find them!

✓ DIFFERENT DIFFICULTIES. We have different difficulties so kids or adults can start playing and enjoying the most addictive compare images game ever!

This is the classic game of “Spot the differences” and “Discover the differences” that was played in arcade machines, brought to you for mobile device.

Guess the difference now! Find items in pictures and decide where the two pictures differ as quickly as you can! If you like playing mystery games, puzzle game, and other educational games, this memory booster will bring you numerous benefits! “Spot the differences” is a free brain teaser which will help you enhance your observation skills in a second. We designed our game with the aim to help you develop your cognitive skills, practice fast fingers, and have a lot of fun! both genders will love it. This game offers you exquisite graphics and intuitive game play! Download it for Free and enjoy finding differences in awesome pictures!

Discover what's the difference between two pictures of rooms which only seem identical but in fact there are many differences to find! Our puzzle game is excellent for playing in a pair – Invite your friends to play with you and try to compete them within over 200 levels of brain challenging. We guarantee you hours of fun and entertainment.

Download “Spot the Differences: Free Addictive game” on your smartphone or tablet and find differences like never before! Some differences are very easy to find, but some are very mysterious. So, if you like mystery games, you're at the right place! Enjoy playing the best difference detection game ever and compare pictures side by side!
And the best thing is that we support the offline mode, so you can enjoy playing anytime and anywhere even if you don’t have a 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi internet connection.

Are you ready to “spot the difference” today? You are in the right place! If you're looking for concentration games which will help you develop your ability for noticing details, then our game is waiting for you! Find the differences and unlock new levels!

You can call all of your family and play this game together. You can have a great time with your son or your grandma while playing this game, everybody knows how to play this puzzle game.

What are you waiting for? Download “Find the Differences : Free Addictive game” and enjoy playing the best compare images game ever! You will enjoy playing it!
We are always striving to provide the best user experience for our players. We are also looking for your feedback, suggestion or recommendation. Please, feel free to email us at “contact@laifgames.com “, so we can continue to bring you the best experiences and updates.
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