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Manage all your warranties and invoices in a single click and safely

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Breathe! You can forget your guarantees now.

Findalia allows you to have all your guarantees and invoices of all your purchases well organized with a single click, from the mobile without paperwork, without stress and for free!

Whether your guarantee is going to expire, or if your belongings have been lost or stolen, Findalia is for you. With Findalia you will be informed at all times when your guarantees are going to expire, and if you have lost something sure someone will find you to inform you that they have found it.

★ Benefits ★

☑ You save money
With a simple photo from the mobile and the entry of the serial number, you will have digitized the invoices and guarantees of all your purchases, whether a car, a motorcycle, a mobile phone, or a book, letting you know if a guarantee is going to expire.

☑ Free search engine
If you find yourself or lose any of your belongings, with the search engine of the application or the website, you can find your serial number through its owner.

☑ Buy safe
Save on dislikes If you want to buy a second-hand object, make sure it is not stolen. Through the search engine and in a single click you will have everything safe. Do not be fooled.

☑ Well organized papers
With Findalia you can already have all your bills and guarantees well organized, and forget what folder you have put them into.

☑ Free and easy to use
At Findalia we know that in your day to day, any savings add up. Therefore, control your guarantees for you is free up to 10 products. In return, we only ask you to use it.

☑ Safe
Your data will be protected and accessible to you at any time and from any device, and you can store the products in private or public mode if what you want is for someone to find you for a lost product.

☑ Freemium version
Invite 2 of your friends to use Findalia and you will get the FREEMIUM version, and you will be able to register unlimited and free articles.

★ How it works ★

1.- After entering the serial number and a photo with the mobile
Digitize invoices of all types of purchases or products, you just have to enter the serial number and take a picture of the invoice and the object.

2.- Add the date of purchase
Enter the purchase date on which you purchased the desired item

3.- End of Guarantee date
Findalia warns you when one of your warranties is going to expire, so enter the warranty end date and let the app do the rest for you.

4.- Privacy
Choose if you want the product to be in private or public mode, making it easier if you have lost or stolen something that can be found

5.- Click on the 'Save' button.

★ Whoever you are, Findalia is for you ★

Whether you love to buy or if you buy what you buy, Findalia helps you with the organization and notices.

You can enjoy all the functionalities of Findalia for free, up to a maximum of 10 products.

Go to www.findalia.com and see what we can do for you.

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