Detective and spy VK, who will show: who is hidden by friends VKontakte?


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Feb 10, 2019
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Finding the hidden friends - Hidden friends of VK APP

Note: no one spy will not give you a 100% result. There is a reason for this - the social network VKontakte does not provide open access to hidden friends. All such programs work on the basis of an analysis of the user's page: likes vk, subscribers vk, reposts, videos, posts of the user, mutual friends, etc.

How to use:
1. Search for the user not from friends list.
1.1 Go to the "Search by link" section;
1.2 Enter your Vkontakte user link;
1.3 Click the "Check" button;
1.4 Expect;
1.5 As the hidden friends are found, they will be added to the list;
1.6 By clicking on the "Show" button, you are taken to the user's page.
2. Search from friends VKontakte.
2.1 Choose a friend in the "Choose from friends" section;
2.2 Click the "Check" button;
2.3 Further actions are similar to items 1.4-1.6.
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