Fingerprint App Lock Prank HD APK

Give your lock screen a high-tech look with a cool fingerprint locker!

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UpdatedAug 03, 2017 (3 years ago)
DeveloperDesire Division
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✌ Delve into the future of cellphone and tablet devices with a brand new “fingerprint lock screen”! The ☚ Fingerprint App Lock Prank HD ☚ is a fantastic “app locker with password fingerprint” that will simulate unlocking your device with your own fingerprint! It is based on the good old slide to unlock pattern, but with an ultra-modern twist! There will be a “finger mark lock” on your locked screen to make it appear like you are the only one with the power to unlock it! It's like your phone is some mystical, inscrutable object that only you have access to! So, what are you waiting for? The longer you wait, the the bigger the risk of your phone getting broken into! Download this “free fingerprint lock” now for maximum security! That's correct, you read it well – the ☚ Fingerprint App Lock Prank HD ☚ can be yours absolutely free of charge with a single click of a button. Now, that's a chance you can't miss out on!


How to set up your new “fingerprint pattern”:
1. Click on the 'Enable lock screen' box;
2. Enter the password you prefer, then enter once more for confirmation;
3. Select your preferred screen lock.
What you get with the ☚ Fingerprint App Lock Prank HD ☚:
❖ Choose an “hd lock screen wallpaper” of your preference to decorate your locked screen with;
❖ Pick from our wide variety of beautiful backgrounds;
❖ Select a 12 or 24 hour system.
❖ Turn the date display on or off.
❖ Show or hide the battery life icon.
❖ Your device is now both safe, and customized to your liking!


✌ Have you ever wondered what the future of smartphones holds? Many predict that we will be able to use holograms projected from their lenses, both for the display, and for the keyboard. Others say that smartphones will become completely outdated, and will be replaced by entirely novel gadgets. But the one thing that most people agree upon, and that has already been achieved with certain devices, is that most of them will support fingerprint scanners on their display. That might be in the near future, but still, it is not here yet. So, that is where this “fingerprint unlock” comes in handy. The ☚ Fingerprint App Lock Prank HD ☚ will provide you with the perfect “fingerprint simulator” so realistic that you will not even be able to tell the difference between it and the real thing!

✌ Let us not forget that, despite its gorgeous, futuristic appearance, and a myriad of wonderful wallpapers it gives you, this is, in its core, a “lock screen app”. This application will supply your device with the necessary security for your messages, pictures, songs, clips, and whatever else you might have inside your memory. No intruder will ever be able to access them, especially if he or she sees that you use your fingermark to unlock your phone! This may be just a lock screen prank, but it can be very effective against involuntary break-ins nonetheless. So don't waste any more time, the hackers are right around the corner, they are more advanced now than ever! Download this screen lock, and you can rest easy!

✌ Get the ☚ Fingerprint App Lock Prank HD ☚ to mess around with your friends! You can easily trick them into believing you have the technology no one else has yet with this “fingerprint prank”! It is a multipurpose app that you will never get tired of!

Email: desiredivision93@gmail.com

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