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Sep 20, 2018

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Fingerprint Love Test for Couples APP

Have fun with your boyfriend or girlfriend with Fingerprint Love Test for Couples! This funny prank app is a fake finger scanner and it represents a perfect love calculator game for couples. Our love tester is simple to use, just place your fingertips on the scanner, keep them there for around 3 seconds, and you will automatically receive your love compatibility result and see if you two are a good love match! The fingerprint love scanner is perfect for parties to mess around with your friends or during a romantic date if you want to have some fun. You can do this love test for couples if you are already in a relationship, if you have just started to date, or if you just want to have fun with your bffs. This love test meter is a cool prank app and only for entertainment purposes! Download Fingerprint Love Test for Couples free of charge and have fun!


→ Download the best fingerprint love calculator!
→ Enter your names!
→ Enter your dates of birth!
→ Scan your fingers!
→ Find out how much in love you really are!
→ Share the results with your friends!
→ Perfect fake fingerprint scanner made for entertainment purposes only!
→ Download this fingerprint love test for free!

Our love test software is the perfect app for Valentine’s Day! These kinds of love games are ideal for the lovers’ holiday and a perfect way to check your compatibility. First you enter your names, dates of birth and then you can both scan your fingertips with ''fingerprint love test scanner'' and the meter will show how much you two are compatible in percentages. Remember that this prank app for couples is only for entertainment purposes so don't take the results too seriously! The ''love test fingerprint prank'' is just for fun and it can cheer you up, or use it if you want to convince someone that you two are not compatible! So have fun with this love match app, get the free download here! ''Fingerprint Love Test for Couples'' will make your day more interesting!

Play with your partner, boyfriend or girlfriend using the cutest love test by date of birth, name and fingerprint! We guarantee that it is the best love test ever if you want to have a good laugh with your lover or your bffs and it is the best if you want to prank someone. The ''fake love calculator'' will calculate your compatibility using your dates of birth and names and show the result in percentages. With this prank app for phones and tablets you can also do a ''love test by finger'', that is, the fake finger scanner will scan your finger and show a message that describes the relationship between you two. Use the ''love tester prank'' to have fun, but remember that this romance test can be used just for entertainment and not to hurt anyone's feelings!

Are you in love? Is your partner actually your soul mate? Test yourselves in order to see whether your love is true! Download Fingerprint Love Test for Couples free of charge and do a fake ''love test by names'', dates of birth and fingerprints! If you're not in love, it is not a problem, you can still use the ''love test finger prank'' and laugh with your bffs! You will definitely adore the ''romantic test'' as soon as you install it because it represents one of the best ''test your love'' prank apps on the market. Gather your friends and start playing this compatibility test or be a little adventurous and match your worst enemy with yourself and be surprised with your result or see whether your classmate could be more than a friend! All this and a lot more is waiting for you here in Fingerprint Love Test for Couples so download it for free!
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