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Fire Phone Screen simulator


Fire simulator on the screen of your phone.


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Mar 29, 2021

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Fire Phone Screen simulator App

Application "Fire Phone Screen simulator" displays very realistic flame animation on the screen of your phone. This program uses advanced graphic particle system, thanks to which behaviour, movement and appearance of the fire is very natural. Additionally the application monitors current position of the phone in relation to the Earth using build-in accelerometer sensor and adjusts the direction of burning flames accordingly.

Fire effect shows up in the place of touching the screen with the finger, so you can burn your screen anywhere you want to. You will be able to set the time after which the flame will be extinguished.
You also have two kinds of background to choose: transparent and black ones. Choosing the transparent background will give an impression of your phone bursting into flames.
You can also use fireplace mode: this will place continuous burning flames at the bottom of the screen.

Main features of the "Fire Phone Screen simulator":
- very realistic animation of the fire.
- flame always goes up.
- transparent background mode
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