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FireTrac - Wildfire Mapping, Info, and Messages

1.0.0 · Jun 11, 2021

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Version1.0.0 (22)
UpdatedJun 11, 2021
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FireTrac - Wildfire Mapping, Info, and Messages app

FireTrac provides current wildfire information, imagery, and messaging

About FireTrac:FireTrac was developed and is maintained by Bridger Aerospace LLC. Bridger Aerospace is a private sector company providing aerial firefighting platforms, services, and support systems. FireTrac consumes Bridger Aerospace’s proprietary in-flight imaging capabilities and published governmental data to inform users of potential wildfire impacts.Mission Statement:FireTrac will provide consolidated information, imagery, and data regarding the most critical wildfire incidents in the United States to citizens, companies, and governmententities in a seamless, near real time, and user-friendly interface. This interface is meant to be evolutionary in the first two years to maximize the value of the information provided so that homeowners, first responders, and concerned citizens can protect themselves, their families, and their property with appropriate information. Our goal with FireTrac is simple: Save lives with wildfire intelligence.In addition to saving lives, we will provide a clearinghouse and access point for the most up to date and relevant wildfire data available at any given time. Ultimately, we want to include Predictive Analytics, Satellite Imagery, Infrared Mapping, and Artificial Intelligence to seamlessly track, map, predict, and manage wildfire incidents. Technology and Social Media:FireTrac leverages the combined resources of Bridger Aerospace (one of theonly full spectrum aerial firefighting service providers in the nation), U.S. Wildfire Inter-Agencymanagement and support systems, and on-site witnesses (like you) to provide data, status, and perspective found no where else. Bridger Aerospace operates dozens of aircraft to locate, surveil, fight, and report on active wildfires. These aircraft range from high altitude UAVs, specially equipped air attack fixed wing aircraft, and large super-scooper amphibious aircraft for direct fire suppression. Data acquired from these flights is rapidly supplied to geospatial information systems and analysts to map the fires and determine impacts. U.S. Wildfire Inter-Agency systems provide data to articulate threats and status of potential and verified wildfires. Threats are identified from a variety of systems, bothland based and satellite. Satellite imagery provides early detection of heat sources, often in remote locations, from the VIIRS and MODIS systems. Emergency services/first responders provide information within InciWeb, NIFC, FIIMS and other systems to provide reports, updates, and resources for public consumption. Unfortunately, the flow of information from firefighters through government agenciesto the public is often too localized, and too late. FireTrac attempts to improve information flow by allowing its users to upload messages and photos of wildfires in their immediate proximity. If geo-located, FireTrac posts user photos within our interactive mapping solutions to help visualize fires within a geospatial context. In addition, future releases will provide push notifications to a user’s cell phone of detected activity near their watched addresses. By providing real-time location-based services and messaging, FireTrac is advancing your time for notification ahead of an on-coming wildfire.
FireTrac consolidates this information to provide you with actionable insight. You may be looking for an evacuation route or the status of your property. Or you may want to be better prepared by knowing your area’s risk assessment and having a “Go” bag handy for emergency situations. Subscribing to FireTrac gives you information and access to the tools and supplies, via the FireTrac Store, needed to help keep you and your family safe.


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