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Firework is an unexpected journey through short-form video. We help you, the viewer, escape from the ordinary with curated videos that are personalized to your unique lifestyle. Built by creators for creators, millions of people are using Firework to discover high quality, short-form videos through an interactive storytelling experience. At just 30 seconds per video, the Firework app was designed to keep up with the frequency of short-form life.


Intelligent discovery engine: Curated videos that are personalized to you and your unique interests

Custom collections: Following your favorite creator and save videos to personal and private boards

No more vanity metrics: We believe that views, posts and reposts are the best social currency

Sponsored hashtags: Participate in sponsored hashtags for a chance to win cash prizes

What's New

Version 6.0.1
Meet the brand new Firework community chat:
- Community owners can now create Polls and Questions
- Colorful and cheerful chat bubbles
- Open shared links within the community
- Community owners can assign moderators

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Firework: Short-form videos for pro’s 6.0.1

Updated: 2019-11-08 (1 week ago)

6.0.1 (233) 2019-11-09
6.0.0 (231) 2019-11-05
5.14.2 (227) 2019-10-23
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