Fishing Knots Real 3D - Pocket Edition APK

This app shows fully ANIMATED 3D fishing knots.

Version3.2 (29)
UpdatedMar 22, 2020 (10 months ago)
DeveloperGame 82 Studio
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Fishing Knots Real 3D is an app that assist you in fishing. If you forgot some knots or never knew them, it’s not a problem anymore, thanks to the help of this app, you can make those knots easily.
The app automatically shows you the knot. You can enlarge, reduce, stop, or even rewind to watch it again, with real 3D effect.
The colour of the background or the line can be changed, if you not see either colour well.
This is a perfect application for every angler.
Just have to download it once and then it can be used offline, anytime, anywhere, whenever you need it.

*You can unlock all the knots, watch one video for open a new knot!

Fishing Knots:

Leader's Simple Knot
Uni Knot
Deaf Fishing Knot
Saltwater Knot
Clinch Knot
Double Fisherman's Knot
Dropper Loop
Blood Knot
Alpine Butterfly
Perfection Loop
Half Blood Knot
Albright Special
Clinch Blood Knot
Cove Knot
Lindeman Knot
Nail Knot
Not a Knot

Update Knots:

Arbor Knot
Non Slip Mono Loop Knot
Orvis Knot
San Diego Jam Knot

Boating Knots:
Cleat Hitch
Figure eight
Dixon Clew
Clove Hitch
Clove Hitch with a half hitch
Square knot
Sheet bend
Double Sheet Bend
Figure 8 Loop
Anchor Hitch
Anchor Hitch with Figure 8
Round Turn With Half Hitches
Buntline hitch
Bowline on a bight
Cowboy bowline
Running bowline
Eskimo bowline
Cossack Loop
Water Bowline
Carrick Bend
Pile Hitch
Pile Hitch Special
Heaving line knot
Stevedore's knot
Midshipman's hitch
Marlinespike hitch
Icicle hitch knot
Icicle hitch knot with rope end
Highwayman's hitch

What's New

Close Button !This is a quick update, more knots is coming soon.

Email: totoszoro@gmail.com

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