Fishing app, like a digital book to save photos and information.

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Fishing app, for you save the information of the fish you caught.

The main features are:
- Register the species of fish you usually fishing;
- Register the baits you use;
- Register the data of the fish you caught, as measures, photo, description, the ambient temperature, atmospheric pressure, climate and type of moon at the time of the fishery;
- Mark on the map the exact location where the fish was caught;
- Display fish caught in book form, sliding your finger to turn pages, with the option of sorting by date, species, weight and length;
- Charts of the species that were captured in a given period of time according to your information, like time of day, temperature, bait, moon and others.

The Lite version of the app has advertising on the home page and the registration limit of fish, baits and species.

Latest Version

Fishing Notes Lite 1.4

Updated: 2014-09-09 (5 years ago)

1.4 (5) 2015-10-20