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UpdatedAug 07, 2020 (2 days ago)
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The FitGain workout tracker and gym trainer is used daily by thousands of people all around the world to plan and track their workouts.

Whether you perform your training at home or at the gym you will find a range of weight lifting programs to meet your needs - Its your personal fitness trainer and weight lifting buddy at your fingertips!

Predefined workout routines include bodybuilding, crossfit, weightlifting, powerlifting, weight loss, calisthenics, home workouts, dumbbell only workouts and much more. You can always build and track your own custom workouts too.

The built-in timers and detailed training log will help you get the most out of each weight lifting session and allows easy tracking of your progress. FitGain simplifies the weight lifting and bodybuilding process to make it easier for both men and women to move closer in achieving their fitness goals.

Whether you workout at home or at the gym you can track your sets, reps, rest times, weight lifted and much more.

As you begin your workout session the FitGain app will automatically guide you and display what exercises you need to do as well as the number of sets, repetitions and weights to lift.

The customizable rest timer will display when its time for a break and at the end of your workout you will see a summary of your weightlifting session (workout duration, calories burned, active/rest times, total weight lifted, sets completed, muscle usage etc).

Play with the muscle analysis feature to get a detailed breakdown of the targeted muscle groups or even switch exercises around using the shuffle tool. You can use these tools to build the optimum weight lifting workout that targets the muscle groups you want to focus on. Don't forget to view charts and graphs to see how well you are performing(it also keeps you motivated)!

FitGain is feature-packed to ensure your weight lifting and bodybuilding needs are met. Whether you want to increase strength or achieve that aesthetic look; your workout and weight lifting sessions will be more enjoyable!

● No sign up or passwords needed!
● No internet required, so you can even workout while offline.


● 150+ exercises, gym + home workout plans and programs
● Build and create your own custom weight lifting workouts & routines
● Perform your weightlifting at home or at the gym
● Take notes during your workout
● Set your goals : for each set customize rest time, loads and number of repetitions
● Add your own photos to custom exercises if they require a specialized / specific machine
● View workout summaries & gym log
● Target specific muscles for that aesthetic look!
● Track all aspects of your gym workout and weight lifting routine
● View the workout tracker graphs & statistics (Duration, Weight Lifted, etc..)

Exercises are classified by muscle groups: abs, forearms, biceps, glutes, back, shoulders, butt, hamstrings, lumbars, calves, chest, quadriceps, trapezius, triceps, etc..

See visual demonstrations on how to do each exercise as well as simple instructions to help ensure you perform each exercise in the correct form! You get detailed information about sets, reps, weight, muscle activation and calories lost so that you can plan and track your home and gym workouts like a pro!

Whether you plan to get those six pack abs, learn calisthenics, build those glutes, lose weight, gain muscle or get that aesthetic look then there is a gym workout plan for you!

Try the free workouts and join the 30,000+ users planning and tracking their weight lifting workouts today.

Email: gymworkoutsapp@gmail.com

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