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Jan 23, 2024

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Five Stars GAME

An epic poem with an unrivaled illustration
Fatal encounter with collective RPG 'Five Stars: Horizon of Memory‘

A charming character with a maximum volume that stimulates collection.Strategic mobile RPG that you've never experienced before, see it now.
◆ Five Stars' deep fantasy story
A solid and well-organized story!
Emotional production that makes you more immersed!Experience the Five Stars Story!

◆ colorful, detailed illustration-based graphics.
A powerful effect that catches the eye!
Enjoy the game with the best graphics!

◆ Let's have a fight! PVP Content!
Fight and win! Infinite Competition Content 'The Grave of Madness'
The last Attack! You can feel the thrilling taste of hands from ‘Crack of Dimension’
Compete for the other person's reward through real-time PVP!

◆ We stick together to get it! Clan Raid
Clan Raid emphasizes cooperation and strategy.
Knock down the final boss with Clan One and win trophies!

◆ Free trade! NFT!
Create and Register your own NFT wallets!
Convert your hard-earned items and characters to NFT and try trade!
You can send it directly to others or sell it to the exchange!
You can get ‘Stardust’ when you sell it on the exchange!
‘Star Dust’ can be converted to ‘Star Token’, and ‘Star Token’ can be converted to ‘Mineral Token’!

◆ ‘Mineral Token’ can be traded on the blockchain exchange!
Let's P2E!
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