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Version6.0 (6)
UpdatedJul 13, 2011 (9 years ago)
Developer남진택(Jin Taeg,Nam)
CategoryApps, Personalization

This is a demo version of flame festival.
Consider demonstrations and setting.
If you happy to see this demo, please use the paid version.

In the app, you will be born as the main character of fireworks.
And for nice and beautiful fireworks you can select any option
You can spend an enjoyable and interesting time.

Feature consists of three categories.
1. Demonstrations sector of Fireworks .
2. Sector of my random design and enjoy fireworks designed.
3. Enjoy simple color matching game bokbulbok sector.
4. Add on pop the balloon.

For fireworks, the option provides six kinds.
1. Background design.
2. Rocket-color design (fixed 1,5,9 line, 2,3,4,6,7,8-line only).
3. Flame type design (fixed 1,5,9 line, 2,3,4,6,7,8-line only).
4. You can specify the number of iterations.
5. Select your visitors and you can invite them to the fireworks.
6. For people who you love, you can write on banners.

(More Options)
1. Each country selected as the background of the famous places (total 11)
2. Flame shape and color of the arrow-shaped rocket, offers a variety of
3. Any physical appearance and a beautiful flame-shaped flame, providing 22
4. 1set flame is the set of nine lines, 4set are derived from the bundle.
Implementation of a bundle It takes about 1 minute.
The bundle can specify up to 10 times that auto-repeat.
5. Select the types of visitors, no people, lover, lovers, children, families, multiple families,
Many people may choose.
6. Writing on your favorite word and the banner can be written to.

● application execution environment:
* OS: Android 2.1
* Screen resolution: 480X800 pixels width X height
* Memory: 10MB or more of storage space

● Keywords: fireworks, festivals, plays,Flame Festival, festival, flame,fireworks

● free version: You can view demos demo-set.
For fireworks, the option provides six kinds is available.
Bokbulbok possible color matching game.

Thank you.

Email: visiontouch7@gmail.com

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