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Free download FLAMES Calculator 1.0.1 apk app latest version for android


Calculate the FLAMES value between you and your partner with this cute and lovable app.
We all have used FLAMES in our school days. It's now here on the Google Play Store.
FLAMES stands for:
F: Friends
L: Lovers
A: Affection
M: Marriage
E: Enemy
S: Siblings

FLAMES Calculator will take in your name and your partner's name and calculate which relationship exists between the two of you.
Beautiful and creative interface to show your affection towards your loved ones.
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DISCLAIMER: This is a PRANK APP solely meant for the purpose of fun and entertainment. It should not be considered otherwise.

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FLAMES Calculator 1.0.1

Updated: 2017-06-26 (2 years ago)

1.0.1 (4) 2018-10-01