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Jan 20, 2022
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Flash Bomb APP

Are you boring tonight? Do you have a home party with your friends?
You need this!
Flashbomb make you dance at home just like in a nightclub!
Anytime, Anywhere! You can make disco moods with FLASHBOMB!

As music plays,
As you shake your phone,
As you touch your screen,
Your phone lights flash!

When you have a home party with your friends,
When you’d like to dance alone in a room,
When you go to concerts or festivals,

Don’t hesitate to download FLASHBOMB!
You can create a new world at home

[Functions of Flash Bomb]
1. Sound : Enjoy a LaserShow with sounds.
2. Shake: Phone light flashes as fast as you shake your phone.
3. Touch: You can control your lights! When you touch the screen, the phone light turns on.
4. Beat: Bomby character will dance with you with your tempo.
5. Turn on: The brightest lights are on.
6. Fastest: Phone light flashes like a strobe!! Just keep pressing any button.

Download it now!!
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