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NameFlash 3 APK
Version11.2 (125)
UpdatedNov 18, 2021
DeveloperFlash 3 Software
CategoryApps, Productivity

Flash Notification On Call App

The Flash blink when you got an incoming call, all messages & app notifications

Flash 3 (New) is the application to blink the Flash when you receive a call or message, notification from the apps.

The application give you the same LED Flash Alert function on iPhone (iOs) devices, but the Flash 3 app has more intelligent, better and more impressive features.

Flash 3 is one of the top useful applications that should be available on Android phones. When an incoming call or message arrives (SMS, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp ...), the Flash of the phone will blinks to notification.

👍 The main functions of the application:
Flash notification when a incoming call
Flash blink when a message arrives
Flash notification for apps: Flash blink when notification from all the apps (when there are messages, calls).
DJ lights flash for party use
SOS flash: use in important cases, need to create attention around.

👍 Other useful customizations on Flash 3:
✔ Select the blinks style: the application supports 2 different flashing styles that can help you be different.
✔ Change flashing speed (10 different Flashing speeds available)
✔ Smart feature - doesn't flash when you are using the phone
✔ Support both flash front and rear
✔ App compatible with most types of Android phones including all types like Samsung, Oppo, Xiaomi, HTC, Vivo...

Best if you are having party and you can use it as LED lights or DJ lights. In this application you can control the intensity of the Flash.

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