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Jun 28, 2019

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Flash on Call & SMS, Flash alerts Flashlight blink APP

More than 10 million downloads  and with such large number of trustworthy users, this blinking flash alerts on incoming call and sms flashlight have highest rating of 4.45.

Free Brightest Flash on call and SMS flashlight alerts application. The flash on call feature finally available for Android phones. Use Flash on call and sms. Color flashlight on call is a smart tool to remind you of incoming call or SMS with camera flashlight on call. So this Flash alerts and flash on SMS notify you clearly by flash alerts2 with LED flashlight blinks. Automatic Flash On Call & SMS flash call alert on call.

Flash on call and SMS will notify you via mobile phone’s back blink light flash alerts, the back side flashlight will blink giving incoming call alerts and sms alerts. LED call notification and sms blink LED indicator, tactical flashlight sees the blinking flash alert notifications flashlight when phone rings with an incoming call or incoming text message.  ultimate flash alert2 notification for brightest flash on call and SMS.

Blink Flash alerts on call and sms. Ultimate Flash Alerts uses camera LED light and make blinking signals while your device is ringing or new notification message is received. Don’t miss the blinking call alerts and sms alerts with flash on call and flash on SMS.. This Bright flash alert use your camera led to make blinking flash call alert without keeping the app open all the time.

Get our free phone color alert now! and impress your friends with color flash. Fach flash for calls and SMS and reminders of missed calls. Flash on Call and SMS is simple blink flashlight, tactical flashlight. Flash alerts uses colorful flash notification for call blink notifications alerts and SMS notification color alerts. Flash on calls and SMS. You can use this application as brightest flashlight flash blink on tactics notifications, flash light on call, flash alerts on call, color flash alerts notify, tactical flashlight, Brightest Flashlight on call and sms.

Special Features :
✔ Flash on call and sms can work in any phone mode ( Ring, Vibrate, Silent )
✔ Turn flashlight ON or OFF all the blink flash alerts with a single tap
✔ Ringing color flashlight notify when you have incoming Call, incoming SMS.
✔ Set flash alerts ON or OFF time for call alerts and sms flash alerts notifications
✔ Set the number of blinking flashlight flashes per message
✔ Tactical flashlight notify Flash call alert intervals for call adjustment.
✔ Color flashlight blink Flash alerts on call and sms is a low memory consuming app
✔ Flash on call and sms is automatic flash Super pro ultimate flash alerts2 on call and SMS
✔ Turn off blink flash alerts when battery low, flashlight call help save battery
✔ Regulate color blinking flashlight call frequency for this led flash alerts
✔ This LED torch Flash/fach and ringing tactical flashlight call helps you do not miss any call or sms
✔ Switch ON flash alerts only on locked device state to save battery
✔ Choose your incoming call Flash alert mode from several ones.
✔Super Flashlight blinking on call or sms & flash alerts 2 while you on exercising or walking

Use LED flash on call and sms when:
• You have to keep your phone Silent but still need to know who's texting (movie theatres, plays, baby sleeping, etc.)
• Notify color flashlight flash on call and sms is tactical flashlight alert
• You need to identify caller but can't pick your phone on ( Conference or meeting ) 
• You're in a noisy location and can't hear your ringtone (coffee shops, parties)

Now get notified by color flash alert everytime you get an incoming call or SMS with a powerful flashlight and color blinking flash alert on call and sms and notification. Color Flashlight alert helps people at night when your android phone is on vibrate or mute. Fully customizable flashlight call ! A cool flashlight alerts or flash alerts application. 
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