Flashlight is a very useful tool when you are out at night in your area

Flashlight is a very useful tool when you are out at night in your area. Flashlight is the brightest flashlight. It has cool design. You can use SOS flashlight or the simple LED Flashlight. You get the following flashlight features


1. Flashlight in Dark
2. Color Screen Flashlight
3. Flashlight for SOS
4. SOS Flashlight
5. Brightest Flashlight
6. Simple Design Flashlight

What you can do with our flashlight:

* Light up dark with our flashlight
* Find your way home using flashlight
* Fix your car with flashlight
* Get a free ride at night with flashlight
* Show where you are located using the SOS flashlight
* Light up your room with flashlight at night
* Read a book with flashlight at night with screen light
* Repair your car with flashlight

Our flashlight is simple and that is why flashlight great. All you have to do in our flashlight is to tap once to turn it on the flashlight. Hassle free flashlight. Our flashlight app looks like a real mechanical flashlight. Its very easy to toggle on or off or switch in flashlight between SOS or Screen flashlight. This flashlight is a must flashlight app in your phone.

Our flashlight is free and simple flashlight. It has new light throwing features which make flashlight produce a high intensity flashlight from your phone. The UI of the app is kept dark so that when at night, flashlight does not disturb you.

Flashlight works in background. You will find flashlight working like a torch light. This is the best torch light app for your phone. Send morse code with our torch light and make fun with friends with flashlight

This is the best and the brightest flashlight ever published on Android. It will help you find your way around in the dark.
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