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Jul 2, 2018
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Flashlight turns your device into a super bright flashlight at the tap of a button. This free app utilizes the camera LED, normally used as a flash and will also illuminate the screen for extra brightness.

No gimmicks, no flashing effects, just a straight forward quick to respond flashlight that has been tested on many devices and several version of the Android OS.

What makes this the best flashlight app available?

★ Tiny file size - because such a simple app shouldn't take up lots of space.
★ Uses the camera LED - the power of an expensive LED flashlight built right in to your device.
★ Quick to respond - no lag, as close to instant as we can make it.
★ Optional screen light - for those who don't have a supported camera or just for extra brightness. At the tap of a button, the screen is illuminated and the brightness level of your device turned up to maximum giving you the brightest screen flashlight available.
★ Elegant, simple design - because its important even a simple utility looks great and is easy to use. Simple on/off button just like a real flashlight
★ No unnecessary permissions - just camera permission to use the LED as a flashlight and internet permissions for some unobtrusive ads to support development. We absolutely do not collect any personal information.
★ Tested on many mainstream devices to ensure compatibility - where is doesn't work, leave us feedback and we will look into it and in the meantime use the handy screen flashlight as an alternative. We have had many reports of this flashlight app working on devices where others don't so if other flashlight apps have failed, maybe this is the one for you.

Oh and did we mention? Its Free! Download your very own super bright flashlight app today and find another use for your mobile device.

Why do I need a flashlight app? Here are some possibilities:

* In the event of a power outage
* Walking the dog at night
* Navigating your way across a camp site
* Looking behind a piece of furniture for your keys
* As a tool to aid your professional role, whether it be an electrician, a plumber or a mechanic

A flashlight is one of those tools you don't know you need until its too late! Its great to have a bright light available in those moments of need. Download it today and keep it on your device, just in case. Over 5 million others have done just the same thing.
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