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Flexible Journal is a customizable journal that lets you easily write entries using prompts. You can make prompts for tracking your life, health, books, and more all in one multipurpose journal. Prompts help you focus and track exactly what you want. Just choose what questions you want to be asked, and then answer them to write an entry in a minute

Write easily using customizable journaling prompts
Prompts are custom templates made up of questions that help guide your writing. For example, you can create a template to correlate health with nutrition. Create a template with questions like ‘What symptoms am I having today’ and ‘What did I eat today’, you can even add checkboxes like ‘Did I take my medicine today’. Then you can write daily easily by answering these 3 questions. What’s unique about Flexible Journal is that it lets you decide the structure of your templates, this lets you design a custom journal that’s unique to you. Make journaling prompts for gratitude, a habit, a mood tracker, and more

Track your life, health, books, and more
You can build an unlimited amount of forms for all of your favorite activities. You can track reviews of books and video games, keep a record of your health, write about gratitude, mindfulness, and self-reflection, notes, a habit, and much more. Imagine and customize your own forms or pick from the forms that come with the app

Track your progress with stats
Advanced custom statistics make it simple to focus and visualize and measure your growth and progress. Stats are as adaptable as your templates are, you can get statistics for whatever you require. You can correlate health to happiness and mood, or track your habit or weight-loss progress. There’s no limit to what you can record. Motivate your growth and progress by seeing how you’re doing each week and track your health, mood, and much more

Add photos, maps, tags and more to entries
Compose your custom journal look beautiful by adding photos and locations to your entries. Flexible Journal is location-aware so you can track your daily entries and notes on the map wherever you go. Snap photos or select them from your gallery for a lovely entry to remember

Filter and search for entries easily
Organize your custom journal with categories, filters, sorts, searches, and likewise. Flexible Journal makes it straightforward to keep your data organized how you need. You can also find entries easily utilizing advanced filters and searches so you never forget a memory

Export entries to spreadsheets, PDFs and more
Share your custom journal entries how you desire. Share them with your favorite apps and by email. You can export your entries to many different file formats such as text, spreadsheet, and PDF so you can save and view them however you fancy. Spreadsheets give you extra flexibility to analyze your data utilizing graphs and charts. PDFs compose it effortless to share your entries and text makes it easy to post your entries on websites and blogs. You can also export and share your forms and lists. Similarly, you can import and use shared forms.

Use it as a database
Your personal journal can be used as your own personalized customizable database. Use forms as database objects. Log notes and all the data you need. Good for tracking customizable data like collectibles, gratitude, and much more. You can also use it as a five minute journal. Writing prompts make it easy to record daily doings in just five minute journaling

Good for any hobby
• Collection
• Hiking
• Daily movie reviews
• Travel
• Personal diary
• Personal journaling
• Daily activity log

Great for learning
• Homework assignment log
• To-do tasks
• Notes

Excellent for growth
• Daily gratitude
• Mood tracker
• Daily therapy log
• Habit tracker templates
• Multi-purpose journaling
• Argument tracker
• Correlate health diary
• Depression journal
• Diet tracker diary
• Movies diary

What's New

• You can now save filters
• You can now resize images

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