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Feb 11, 2022
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The loan products which Flipcash provide have all been examined and certified to meet the following standards according to Google Play requirements:
1.Loan amount: from ₹3,000 to ₹5,0000
2. Minimum period for repayment: 90 days
3. Maximum period for repayment: 365 days
4. Maximum Annual Percentage Rate(APR) : 12%-33% per year
5. Platform Fee: Upto 5% of Loan Amount (18% GST to be paid,Only charged for one-time, no matter how many loan products users apply for)

The following is an representative example:
For ₹3,000 loan of 90days, with 0.05% interest rate per day, after deduction of processing fee, the interest payable shall be as follows:
Interest Payable = ₹ 3,000*18.25%*92 /365= ₹135
Annual Percentage Rate(APR): 18.25%
Platform Fee = ₹ 177
Loan amount is ₹ 3,000,the disbursed amount is ₹ 2,823. Total loan repayment amount is Rs. 3,135.

Only users over the age of 18 can use our application.

Flipcash is an app-based lending platform that registered in RBI/ Banks by NBFC. All loan applications are sanctioned & approved by NBFCs/Banks registered with RBI and their details are shown upfront during Loan application. Details are also available in the Loan Agreements.
Flipcash provides non-collateral and no guarantee required online loan service to every ordinary borrower, to help every Indian solve their financial problems.

Flipcash collect and provide you with carefully chosen eligible loan information across India market. Users can use Flipcash to submit application online and get up to ₹50,000 based on credit score and risk situation.

Getting loan is not a difficult thing here. Whether you are going for medical need, decorate your home, pay for wedding, or take a personal and family vacation, we can provide you with financial support.
1. Install Flipcash application
2. Register and fill in your information
3. Agree and E-sign the agreement, waiting for approval in 15 mins
4. Get the money

B.Application Condition:
User needs to be 18-45 years old and has Pan Card and Aadhaar Card. Mobile number, Bank accounts are also required.

Your data is 100% secure with us.We donot sell or misuse your personal data without your consent except the Lenders. Data is stored as per our privacy policy.

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