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Flirty questions to ask a guy is app for Effective Questions To Ask To Get To Know A Guy. You constantly check out his FB account, you dig the hottest gossip about him and you dream that you are his lucky girl- so what's stopping you from finally talking to him?

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Girl, if all you do is dream that one day he'll talk to you then you might just expect that things like this will never happen. If you really like him then do the first move. Here are some of the questions to ask to get to know a guy example:

1. "Would you like to join me for an ice cream"- Every person loves ice cream and if you hear the ice cream man coming near, you might want to pop this wonderful question to your man. Of course, be prepared to pay the treat. After asking, you might want to add up the question "what flavor does you like to get", "so, how are you?", and other important questions to ask to get to know a guy.

2. "What childhood memory you are so fond of?" - Everyone of us feel delighted about our youth. So asking this wonderful question is a guarantee that you can indulge the guy to a wonderful conversation. Be prepared to answer back. After all, he would not like the idea of doing all the talking.

3. "What was your first date like"- This one is a good choice among the questions to ask to get to know a guy. This question would work to somehow tell the guy that you are interested with him without being frank about it. This is a good question if you like to get personal with the guy. This is also a good way for you to assess what kind of guy he is like.

4. "Would you rather be smart or handsome?" - This question is normally asked to a girl but who knows if a certain guy kept on fantasizing about how he is going to answer this question. So pop up this question and understand his prioritize in life.

5. "What is your type of girl?"- This question may seem personal but this is a good question to ask if you like to get flirty with the guy. However, be sure to protect yourself against answers that might hurt you. Who knows if the guy gives adjectives that are far from describing you? Just play it safe. Do not think that these questions to ask to get to know a guy is everything you need to make a guy like you. After all, there are always other means.

So now that you know some of the questions to ask to get to know a guy, you may want to pop the golden question to build up a good relationship with him. Do not be afraid to get a little closer to the man of your dreams because this is actually what is expected from you. Do not wait until he started dating other girls, do the first move now and get close.

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