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UpdatedMay 24, 2019 (10 months ago)

FlurryTurry APK

A Tower Defence Game

FlurryTurry is a game where you defend against waves upon waves of chickens and yellow spheres that desperately wants to go to the green wall.

Your task is to stop all of these pesky yellow spheres and the chickens from getting to the green wall.

To do this you have multiple tools at your disposal you can punch (tap) the enemies as they walk along the road to the green wall, or buy and place down upgradable turrets that will aid you in the fight against these enemies.

To buy new turrets you spend cash that is accumulated from beating up (tapping) and looting enemies (happens automatically) because everyone knows yellow spheres and chickens carry cash on them at all times.

after accumulating a sufficient wealth you can buy a turret and even buy upgrades for it, like: making it shoot faster, have each shot deal more damage, increase its range or add or increase the towers unique special ability.

A perfect game for when you have to wait for the bus or just have to knock a couple of minutes off with something reasonably mind numbing.


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3.7 (37) May 24, 2019
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