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Flying Saucer Galaxy War Game is the best war game for flying saucer galaxy wars

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UpdatedDec 21, 2016 (4 years ago)
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Looking for a galaxy war game of flying saucer against enemy space ships? This is a galaxy wars space game with a flying saucer to rescue the planets from enemy space ships. There has never been a space ship galaxy game in the galaxy wars before where a flying saucer had the defense game mission to save the planets from the space game enemy space ships. This galaxy war game will surely test your space game as well as rescue game skills against enemy space ships.

Your mission in this galaxy war game is to destroy defense game enemy space ships to rescue all planets as every defense game space ship is going to attack you. A galaxy game attacking enemy space ship in galaxy wars of the rescue game for you to have a real defense game fun. Destroy asteroids and enemy space ship or you will die losing the defense game. So, would you be able to rescue all the planets from enemy space ship while meeting the rescue game time challenge in this space game?

How galaxy war games started:

All the planets of four galaxies in this galaxy wars rescue game are under attack by enemy flying ship. Our war solider is back and flying super saucer in this galaxy game. In this space game, we have our super saucer ready to rescue people on the planets of four galaxies. Though flying games are not the specialty of our solider but he would love the challenge of a rescue game. The flying games were never so much entertaining until this galaxy game arrived. Our soldier may also start loving the galaxy games after playing this galaxy game.

What is the purpose of this flying game?

Flying games are interesting but this flying game is actually in the league of flying galaxy games. Heard of a super saucer fighting game before? If no, then just know that this fighting game is about a super saucer in the galaxy looking to rescue different planets from enemy flying ship. If yes, then you will surely know that the super saucer galaxy games are all about defending planets against enemy flying ship.

Saucer Game Play Guidelines:

1. In this saucer game, Use the joystick button in the left bottom of the screen to make the saucer go left/ right or forward/ back.
2. To go up or down in the saucer game galaxy use the liver in the right bottom of the screen.
3. To destroy the enemy flying ship in saucer game, tap the red fire button on the right side of the screen.
4. To destroy the enemy flying ships with one hit guided missile in this saucer game, tap the missile button on the right side of the screen.
5. To repair your saucer, use the repair button on the left side of the screen.

Why choose this flying game over other flying games?

1. Different among war games: This flying game is not like usual flying games. This flying game is actually a fighting game in the league of galaxy games.

2. Nice among galaxy games: This fighting game has smooth and high quality war games space graphics. You will surely enjoy this galaxy fighting game!

3. Very Easy among war games: Our super game is very easy to play.

4. Super game play of war games.

5. Lot of different asteroids and enemy flying ship for a thrilling experience.

6. Amazing and realistic sound effects with scintillating Music.

7. Free: Our super game is FREE and it will stay Free for life, so there is No hidden fees and no annual subscription to enjoy the best galaxy planet game!

8. Challenging levels: There are a total of 28 levels in this super game.

9. Beautiful Galaxies: Our super game has four different galaxies having a unique set of planets in each of the galaxy:
9-1. The 1st galaxy in this planet game is the Cassiopeia Galaxy
9-2. The 2nd galaxy in this planet game is the Eridanus Galaxy
9-3. The 3rd galaxy in this planet game is the Astraeus Galaxy
9-4. The 4th galaxy in this planet game is the Milky Way Galaxy

10. For everyone: It is a free game and it can be played by Adults, Teens and Kids.

How can you enjoy it now? Download the best galaxy planets game for FREE & ENJOY!

What's New

***Minor Bug Fixes***

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