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Flying Unicorn Free PIN Lock APK

Flying Unicorn - PIN Lock.

Version1.0 (1)
UpdatedJun 27, 2017 (4 years ago)
DeveloperSweet Lovely Lock
CategoryApps, Personalization

Flying Unicorn - PIN Lock.
Unicorns, charming, attractive and inaccessible creatures. With its incomprehensible look and mystery attracts many. We have an app that lets you lock your phone's screen and choose the background image from our collection.
Unicorn - a mythical being symbolizing integrity. Usually unicorns are represented in the form of a horse with a horn. According to esoteric teachings, it has a white body, red head and blue eyes.
The first unicorn images are found in about 4 centuries. Until E. On seals from the ancient cities of the valley of the Indus. Occurs in "Atharvade" and "Mahabharati". Greek and Roman traditions considered Unicorn as a real animal, its appearance associated with Africa or India.
Occurs in the traditions of many nations. According to Carl Jung, "Unicorn is not a single entity, it is a fairy-tale creature with many variations: for example, there are monotonous horses, donkeys, fish, dragons, scarabs, and the like. Strictly speaking, we are dealing with the theme of a single horn "
In the East, the unicorn was depicted as a goat, later in the West - a deer, a horse. At first unicorns were considered to be male, later - female.


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