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FMWhatas New Version for Android: FMWa is like the world of WMassap.

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UpdatedJul 21, 2020 (6 months ago)
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FMWhatas latest version, What's Plus, and Yowhatsapp are some other popular What’s mods that include a lot of features that the official FMWhat’s is not having. As the article progress, I will explain more about AZ Whats, its uses and how to installation guide. So, this article is going to be your one-stop for all FMWmassap new version related queries for Android easily.

This mod is developed by lumen and he extremely did an excellent job.
FMWsapp Latest (FMWa) comes up with all the useful features every whatsapp user want. Descargar FMWsapp for Android is beating all other mods like FMWsapp. After a very short interval, FMWsapp is getting updates which is a great thing. It has three packages.
FMu can install all of 3 packages on identical device and revel in triple whatsapp on identical device.
😉 Through this article, FMu can download FMWsapp official (FMwa) latest for FMur smartphone. 😉
FMWA Latest Version/FMWMassap Features

What is FMwmassap?
Before we get into the downloading and installation procedure, let me briefly explain what is FMWatts and amazing features offered by the APK. In addition to this, I will also be sharing alternatives to FMWhatts as well.

Features of FM Whats
AZWhat’s comes with tons of new features. I will be listing the most used and advanced features here. Go through them and after which you will find the option to download it to your Android device. More added features and important settings are mentioned below in the changelogs section.

* Features is being updated. Wait for a few minutes.
* Important: Anti-Ban.
* New: Swipe on Message to Reply.
* Exclusive Anti-Delete: Know which latest messages are deleted in Chat (To enable, Fouad Mods > Privacy > Anti-Delete messages).
* Group calls and Special label for forwarded messages enabled.
* What’s base update to 2.18.361.
* Watch Videos directly inside AZ via PiP feature.
* Increase in Delete for Everyone time up to 11 hours.
* Now send documents with size up to 1 FM.
* Increase for Multicast up to 100.
* New Call Blocker – Select who can call me (Calls >> Menu).
* Theme store design update + new themes.
* Bugs from the older version fixed (All).
* Many improvements in performance.

Ending Lines
If you were looking for the FMWA , then I think you’re happy now. The reason is that we have updated the latest FM What’s version.

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