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folded paper into various shapes

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imagine a piece of paper transformed into a beautiful three-dimensional bird. The wings are beautifully stretched out, and from their elegant body are slender neck, with elegant heads and unique beaks. Interestingly, this ladder bird is created by folding a piece of square piece of paper in exactly 12 steps.
Creating many amazing forms by folding, opening, and bending a piece of paper is an art called origami. The term itself means "folded paper". Although its origins are not very clear, origami has existed since ancient times when formal documents folded in elaborate ways. It is thought that during the period (1603-1867), origami developed as a form of leisure activity that anyone can enjoy. At that time, new techniques in folding developed. This art has been passed down from generation to generation as parents teach their children and grandchildren. Many people have sweet childhood memories when they are amazed at how their mothers skillfully fold paper, creating good things for them.

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